Kannur Airport and Tourism packages

The virgin, clean beaches at Kannur are a tourist's paradise. One could lose oneself riding into the sunset at Kerala's only drive-in beach at Muzhuppilangad.  
Apart from its idyllic beaches, Kannur is famous for its handloom industry and folk art and culture. The resonant past and plenty of myths and legends have earned Kannur, the capital of an ancient Kingdom the name 'the crown of Kerala'.

An International Airport at Kannur with international standards of safety and comfort is the aim of the government. Government of Kerala vide its order GO (MS)No.2/98/Tran dated 17.01.1998 accorded sanction for setting up Kannur International Airport and appointed KINFRA as the nodal agency for its implementation.

KINFRA engaged M/s. EMA Unihorn (India) Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon as consultant and they submitted their Techno Economic Feasibility Report in 2000, which was updated in 2005.  This was submitted to the Government of India. The Ministry of Civil Aviation gave approval for setting up an International Airport at Kannur.
CLIMATETemperature is low in December and January and records as low as 20° Celsius. On certain days the night temperature may go down to 16° Celsius. During the months of April and May, the mean daily maximum temperature is about 35° Celsius
Monthly rainfall (m.m)
Rainfall3.64.28.865.0263.5884.81005.2549.6248.9189.594.0 26.0

Kerala’s finest handloom fabrics are woven from the looms in Kannur.  It is known as the city of looms and lores.
Places of interest in Kannur range from forts, beaches, museums and much more.  The enchanting sandy beaches lined with evergreen coconut palm groves at Payyambalam, Muzhuppilangad, Dharmadam, St. Angelo’s Fort, Thalassery Fort, and Bakel fort as well as Snake Park at Parassinikadavu are a few of them.

Sizable number of student tourists and research scholars particularly from U.K., Germany, France, USA, etc visit the region for academic and research related work. Many of them are engaged in studies in Ayurveda, Yoga, Kalari and Theyyam. They manage to combine their studies with pleasure by suitably modifying their travel itinerary.

The new Kannur International Airport will tap the vast tourism potential, aid the textile industry, and help students/research-scholars apart from ‘non-resident’ Indians, expatriates, business travellers, IT professionals and corporate magnates, and enhance the region’s position as an international tourist destination.     13% of Kannur population have overseas employment. They and their relatives currently have to travel far to reach an airport.   
Burial sites of the Neolithic age have come to light in certain parts of Kannur district. The Thaliparamba-Kannur-Thalassery area abounds in rock-cut caves, dolmens, burial stone circles and menhirs, all of megalithic burial order.
It is assumed that the first batch of Aryan immigrants into the state entered through North Kerala (Malabar).
Area (in Sq.km)2,966
Males 11,52,817
Females 12,56,139
Sex ratio : Females/10001,090
Density of Population812
Per Capita Income (in Rs)17,260
Literacy rate92.59 (Male 96.13 Female 89.40)
Coastal line in km.82
Water bodied area in ha.5,573
Forest area in ha.48,734


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