If Kannur airport becomes a reality, the historic district Kannur can spread its fame across the globe. the land of looms and lores, Kannur is also considered the land of 'Kannan' (Lord Krishna). A combination of the words Kannan and Ur (native Land) gave birth to the place name Kannur, which was pronounced Canannore during the British reign. Believers reach Kadalayi temple from various places to get the blessings of Lord Krishna

Afterward, Kannur retained its old name. With the completion of Kannur Airport, Kannan's ur (Krishana's land) will get global acclaim.

It is also believed that Kannur derived its name from Kanathur, a small place that is presently situated in Kannur Municipality. A Kavu ( sacred groves) named Kanathur Kavu also led to the origin of Kannur.


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