Cannanore District is one of the 14 districts in the state of Kerala, India. The town of Kannur is the district headquarters, and gives the district its name. The old name 'Cannanore' is the anglicised form of the Malayalam name Kannur. Kannur is the most urbanised district in Kerala having more than 50% people living in urban areas. Kannur has an urban population of 1,212,898 which is second largest in Kerala after Ernakulam district.
Kannur District is known as the land of looms and lores, because of the number of looms functioning in the district and festivals held in temples. The district is a major centre of Theyyam, a ritual dance of northern Kerala, and small shrines known as kavus associated with the Theyyam dot the district. Kannur is also known for the relatively high level of political violence that occurs in the district, mainly involving CPI(M) activists against perceived rival political opposition and their supporters. The district is set to have a new international airport, the fourth in Kerala. 

Kannur Airport will be constructed 28 kilo metre away from Kannur.


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