Parassini Muthappan

Parassinikkadavu is noted for the famous Muthappan temple where people go for worshipping Sree Muthappan. This is the only Hindu Temple in Kerala where a Theyyam performance is a daily ritual offering.
Tradition has it that for the Annual Festival, Ulsavam, of the Muthappan Temple at Parassinikkadavu to start, a procession led by a female member of the "Thayyil" clan of Thayyil, Kannur begins from the family home and terminates at the main altar of the temple with a 'pooja' (prayer) to the Gods.
Parassinkkadavu is also noted for the Parassinikkadavu Snake Park which is committed to the preservation and conservation of snakes. There are about 150 varieties of snakes including the spectacled cobra, King cobra, Russell's viper, Krait and Pit Viper living in the park.
A research laboratory to extract venom from snakes is proposed here. The park also has a large collection of non-poisonous snakes including pythons.

with the completion of Kannur airport, Parassinikkadavu Sree Muthapan temple and its near by places will be major tourist attraction.


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